Chicks arriving 10/23/13

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by theadvocate19, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Oh boy! I pray I'm ready for this. Post office said they are due to arrive approximately 1030-1100 (AM). At max chicks would be at the post office for 30 minutes, hopefully a lot sooner. [First time owner] I read that 21-22% protein is most ideal. I bought DuMor chick feed 24% & 20%. Best option I have is to mix 50/50=22% protein, right? Could not find niacin, and have also heard conflicting opinions on the use. I guess I should note I am only expecting 2 ducklings, 1 male, 1 female pekin. Plus 5 chicken chicks. They all will arrive from ideal poultry, and I purchased probiotics, and electrolytes. We also have a new kiddie pool, and a paint roller dish and rubber shelf liner for the ramp to their 'starter' pool (paint roller tray). Their carpeting will be hay, and separated by a wall of sorts, so they don't mix feeds/environments. After two to three weeks, I plan to fully introduce chicks to ducks only while free ranging until they all reach maturity.

    Any positive tips to help for when they arrive tomorrow would be ready appreciated. I am worried to the point of nausea about getting chicks mail order, especially since this is the first 24 hours, and although they're coming from Texas to Florida, we are still going through a cold front and I'm worried sick about them. Can anyone tell me what else I should do? Hope I've got everything covered for tomorrow, my baby's lives depend on it!
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    If you have a local elevator you can get brewers yeast by the pound. They will charge you more per pound than if you bought a 50# bag, but with just a few ducks you would be forever using 50#. Brewers yeast supplies niacin. With your ducks especially, wood shavings are a much better bedding, it won't go smelly so fast. Make sure they are able to get under the heat right away, and as you remove them from the shipping box, dip their beaks ( & bills ) in the water. Make sure their water is lukewarm, cold water will give them poppy butt. Once they are a couple of days old for the ducks it will really help keep their bedding dry if you place their water on a platform with a pan underneath to catch the excess. Ducks are messy and need deep enough water to rinse their eyes. Good luck and enjoy your babies, Florida is sounding real good about not. It hailed here today. Don't give your ducks enough water to swim in until they are feathered, until then you can give them swim time as long as you watch and make sure they don't drown or get chilled, but dry them off afterwards, they aren't waterproof until feathered.
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    I make a brooder out of half inch rubber "hardware cloth", form a big oval hoop and one or two lights, your flock will be able to adjust to the temperature they prefer, sleeping near the edge of the heat light and enjoying the extra room when they are not sleepy.
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    Have you read this? unless you use a broiler starter basic chick starter lacks the niacin ducks need which could lead to health concerns, i have many a times ran chicks/ducks and use a broiler one that way they can all eat the same and i don't go crazy adding things, anyways this article will aid with info on a few ways.

    Do watch, i have raised ducks with chicks before(buff orpingtons and silkies) you'll be lucky if you get 2wks, the chicks starting pecking the ducks eyes, so i separated pretty quick. No plans on EVER doing that again, besides ducks with water is a nightmare for chicks, yes chicks make a hot mess of water by kicking bedding in but ducks splash(play) in water so soak the place which chicks so do not appreciate.

    Just a word of warning for what is likely to come lol

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