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    ALL STRAIGHT RUN - Prices good up to 1 week of age, and will increase $1.00 per week beginning 2/25/13.

    I have several new hatch chicks for sale. Hatch date 2/15 and 2/16. Egg colors will range from blue, green, olive, and brown.

    2 Buff Orpingtons - $3.00 each (brown egg layer)

    2 Seramas (bantam) - $10.00 each (smallest breed of chicken; creamy white to light brown egg layer)
    5 more under momma due to hatch on the 26th

    2 Rhode Island Reds - $3.00 each (brown egg layer)

    3 Barred Rocks - $3.00 each (brown egg layer)

    1 Ameraucana - $3.00 each (blue/green egg layer)

    11 Barnyard Mix* - $2.50 each (blue/green/olive/brown egg layer)

    **I received some fertilized eggs, and the person I got them from said the wrong roos got out at the wrong times with the wrong hens, thus the barnyard mix of these chicks. Hens were Silver Laced Wynadottes, Cuckoo Maran or Maran EE cross, and Roosters were either EE or EE Maran Cross. These are some cute chicks!

    NOTE: Cash only, and please bring a box to take them home in.
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