Chicks banged up from mother hen. Need advice. (warning graphic imgs)


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May 31, 2011
hello, i just recently made an account here because i couldn't find the help or answer anywhere else and i trust you all will help if you can.
i am new to chick raising, although i have cared for hens with my family before, i am living with my boyfriend now and my coworker is over-run with chicks so he gave us four of our own. they are "banees" ? i'm not sure if that's how you spell it. anyways, they are around a week or so old, and they are so adorable. when we picked them up, my coworker told us that the mother hen banged them up a bit. three of them are fine, just some feather loss and little peck marks, but nothing serious. there is one chick though, who is in rough condition.
gussy, as i call her, is the only yellow chick out of the others who are white with black spotting. poor gussy has scabs around her eyes, on the right side she has scabbing above her eye but she is still able to see properly out of it. the other eye has scabbing more close to the eye itself, and it is not opened all the way, but squinting and also quite watery. her beak also is scabbed, they are almost around the entire beak to where it cannot close and it almost looks a little crooked. the scabs are almost bubble-like in appearance, and not bloody but kind of raw looking. she also has some dried blood on her shoulders where you can see her beak has rested. and she also has this weird skin bubble - almost like a blister you would get on your heel from shoes. it's located on her right shoulder. it's transparent and either filled with water or maybe just air. she is walking fine, was the first out of the chicks to explore her new home, first to drink, and first to eat. she is a pretty happy girl, but doesn't seem as scared when i reach for her, like the others. and the others stick more together but do not shun her or peck at her.
what i'm wondering is what should i do, if anything? i cleaned some of the water from her left eye with a warm towel, but i'm not sure if she needs ointment or something. also about the bubble on her shoulder, if that is really bad or will go away naturally? and will she die? i really don't want her to, she is a sweetheart but she is quite rough and ugly looking.
thank you in advance for your help.
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yes i will pop outside in just a minute and be back with one.
OH MY GOSH!!! Poor baby. Put her in a dog crate or brooder with a nice warm heat lamp, some yogurt/egg and some water and food! Put vitamins and electrolytes in her water and maybe some neosporin on her wounds. "Banties" are bantam chickens. They are a specific small breed and require a bit of extra TLC Here is some info on them: Be sure she isnt being picked on by the others, as if one chick sees blood.. all will be induced into cannibalism! I wouldnt put her in a brooder with standard sized chicks as they might beat up on her.
thank you so much for your help
i'm just glad it isn't anything fatal. i will definitely do as you recommended. thankfully the wounds are no open or bleeding, and the other chicks are treating it nicely. it's actually a little bigger than them too.
once again, thank you.
all of you are very kind.
oh my, this tore at my heart.
I sure hope the little one will be okay.
The people on this forum are AWESOME!!!!!! I don't know what i would have done without them as I am brand new to baby chickens my self. Knew people with them, but never had my own until now.

Good luck and keep us posted.
While I have a tuff might want to add a graphic pic warning to your title...that is one of the saddest things I have seen.
Oh that poor baby! What a mean momma hen! I hope I don't ever experience that! So sorry about ur baby!
Please keep us updated and post pics as she starts to get better! Good luck and I am so happy u have decided to take care of her!

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