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    Feb 2, 2014
    So I will be going to get chicks on the 15th, and these will be my first chicks ever. I have been researching, and reading like crazy about everyone's opinion of the bedding of the coop and run. I plan to keep them in a plastic tote with a heat lamp in my mudroom until they get their feathers. Instead of wood chips and such in the tote, could I just put shredded paper in with the chicks until they move out to the coop.
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    Feb 5, 2014
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    I also was new to chicks and wondered the same. I found that the chicks would eat the shavings and was strictly warned not to use treated shavings (toxic) so I bought a massive (like 5 feet tall) bag of untreaded shavings for $19 at a farm store and its lasted me 6 months.
    Just be aware that the babies will eat much of the bedding and shavings on the ground. A lot. I don't know if shredded paper will harm them, but untreated shavings won't harm them. You can always throw grass in there for bedding. That's untreated , natural and dries soft. You'll be so entertained by them! I sit with mine for an hour each day with my kitty and read. I love them! Oh, and they still eat the shavings:)
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    I always put my chicks in a bathtub and after a layer or butcher paper I put down a layer of paper towel. The paper towel I change out at least once a day.

    then I never have to worry about them eating bedding, the traction is perfect so there is no risk of spradle leg, and you can easily monitor poops.

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