Chicks bonding


11 Years
Dec 3, 2008
Today was the first day when I removed the foot tall cardboard separating the chicks from the world. It was hot (Central FL) and I thought chicks needed some air.

My cocker spaniel Lucy was circling the brooder from day one, but today was the first time she came this close with chicks.

The minute I removed the cardboard, Lucy came up and chicks came running towards her like there was no tomorrow. They were trying to get through the wire, piling on top of each other, to get closer to the dog.
Well, she is about the right color and about the right size; sitting there, breathing warm air on the chicks = they could not get enough of it.

It was cute, but it was also sad..... Chicks need a Mama.

Jury is still out on what Lucy wants. But she is a very protective dog, so I'm hoping she will have a good relationship with chicks, when they get bigger though.

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