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    Sep 20, 2016
    Bane Micro Farm is excited to kick off our first sale of the year! We have tons of chicks to please everyone from the backyard poultry enthusiasts to exhibition breeders. :)

    Our prices vary depending on age, breed and ability to determine sex.

    =CHICKS (1-2 Weeks)=
    Assorted Broilers (Meyer Hatchery; Black, Rainbow & Silver Rangers lines) $3 - STRAIGHT RUN / UNSEXED ONLY

    =JUVENILES ( 2-6+ weeks)=
    Barred Rock (Show Quality*) - $6 Straight run / $3 for early bloomer boys
    Silver Pencilled Rock (Show Quality*) - $6 Straight Run / $3 for early bloomer boys
    Silver-Laced Wyandottes (Pet Quality; Ideal Hatchery Lines) - $6 Straight run / $25 for all. Only 5 available.
    Marans (Show Quality*) - $8 Straight Run only <- SOLD OUT

    I will continually edit this post with remaining availability.

    *Our chicks are from several reputable breeders nation-wide. I am more than willing to so share more about our husbandry practices/lines however we maintain a closed farm and do not allow visitors of any kind without prior discussion to maintain the biosecurity of our property.

    No shipping. We'll be doing a local meet-up.

    Follow us on Facebook for more photos of our stock and giveaways!

    We are NPIP#58-2374-E

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