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Mar 11, 2018
Purchased twenty five chicks from a hatchery. All were healthy and grew well. Purchased another thirty chicks. One died in transport. Next day I found two chicks dead. My chicks have been dying one or two a day for the last nine days. Same exact environment, same food...same everything, except.... There was one Cochin chick fromthe first batch that I left in with the second. Two weeks older than the second batch. Thefirst batch went into a larger brooder and are doing fine. The older chick in with the second batch was found dead yesterday.What is causing my chicks to die? I have raised a lot of chicks and have never had this problem. I am stumped! Need help figuring out how to save my remaining second batch and hope that it is not contiguous. Chicks have been on medicated chick feed. Happy and running around. No signs of illness, few hours later dead.
You may have just gotten a bad batch of chicks which may have suffered from shipping stress in the second batch. After a couple of weeks, coccidiosis can be a problem, and can usually cause lethargy, not eating, standing around puffed up, and diarrhea (sometimes with blood.) Treatment is Corid in the water for 5-7 days.

The older chick might have gotten toowarm with younger chicks in the brooder, just hard to know exactly. What temperature is your brooder, and do they have a cooler spot to get away from heat? With any stress or illness in chicks, I dip their beaks as often as possible into water, use electrolytes such as SaveAChick or Poultry NutriDrench for a couple of days, and show them where food is.
The chicks are in my garden I have a Brinsea brooder plate. They have plenty of room with cooler areas and a warm brooder. I also provided NutriDrench for them.
Thanks so much for recommending Corid. I have been on the fence with giving it to them. I have no experience with coccidia.
You can either take some droppings in to a vet for testing, or just use Corid 1.5 tsp of the powder or 2 tsp of liquid Corid per gallon of water for 5-7 days. Corid is safe, and won’t hurt them if they do not have coccidiosis, but can help them if they do. It happens more often when there are multiple age chicks together in a brooder.

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