Chicks coming of age, will it change hens laying?

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    Ok, I purchased 6 adult hens in January of which 2 have past so that leaves me with 4 adult hens, all the hens were laying regularly and I was getting 25 plus eggs a week. In April I introduced 7 chicks to the flock and the hens laying slowed to about half, then a few weeks later I introduced 8 more chicks and their egg laying really slowed, to about 4 to 5 eggs a week. Now the new generations of chickens are 13 to 16 weeks old and 3 of those are Roosters. Well the Roos are coming of age and starting to lets say have their way with the older hens and the hens aren't putting up any fuss, they just let it happen and flap their wings a little once the Roo is done. What I'm wondering is if that since the hens are accepting the roos advance if that will help the hens start to produce more eggs or will it make no difference at all. I can just wait and see but I'm impatient. [​IMG]
    I just want to know when my chickens will lay eggs again... I think the pullets are still several weeks away from laying still... I can't wait to get more eggs!!!![​IMG]
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    As far as I know since they were already adult hens, the fact that they now have a rooster to mate with shouldn't make any difference in egg-laying frequency. Maybe somebody else knows better....[​IMG]
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    If you purchased adult birds, it's possible that they were past their prime. They could be slowing down because of age, or could possibly be eating their eggs. (There would probably be signs of that though).

    The roos shouldn't change egg production one way or another.

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