Chicks coming out of my ears!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by BrahmaMama, May 10, 2008.

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    I hatched 15 chicks last weekend, out of 30 set. Several of them were clear at day 10, and I only ended up tossing 6 or 7 eggs at the end, three of which had fully formed chicks One dozen of the eggs were from a forum member-some OEGB's, Orpingtons, and RIR's. The rest were from my mixed flock-I think...could be more from Bob's eggs, it's so hard to tell (pure breeds, just not seperated) I broke one OEGB egg a few days into incubation-dropped the darn bator lid in [​IMG] From what I can tell, I have two RIR's-one has a somewhat bum leg though one OEGB, and 3 or 4 blue/black/splash Orpingtons. The rest are from my telling for sure what they are [​IMG]

    THEN....I just went and picked up my Ideal order from the PO yesterday afternoon. I'm wondering if they were in earlier that day (especially considering I waited around all day, for the phone call!) when the gal finally did call, she asked if anyone had called me about the "baby birdies" Just the way she said it, made it sound like maybe they had been there for a bit...guessing day crew didn't take the time to make a phone call, and left it for the afternoon people [​IMG] I ordered 31, and if I counted correctly, ended up with 37 not counting the DOA.

    Of course the dead one would be one of the teeny ones I was all excited about getting *again* [​IMG] I had lost 3 porcelain D'uccles on my last order. They sent 4 this time, and one didn't make it. Though these guys do not have feathered feet, and on the invoice, it says "Dutch bantam Porcelains....Think I'm going to call Ideal on Monday, just to check....that, and I think I got charged twice for my Salmon Favorelle pullets. I'm going to order Guineas and BBW turkey poults in June anyway. [​IMG]

    So now I have a whole new flock to take care of;

    Salmon Favorelles (4 pullets, 1 male)
    Dark Brahmas (4)
    1 NHR pullet
    Buff Cochins (standard) 5
    Blue Cochins (standard) 5
    Dutch bantams-replacements 3
    1 buff laced Polish-replacement
    2 white crested blue Polish-replacement, though I only lost one
    EE's (5)
    Cream Brabanter (1)
    Spangled Russian Orloff (2)

    And it was my middle son's 5th birthday yesterday, so we had other children over. Of course I was inside with Gabe, and guarding the new ones...dads were supposed to be watching outside children. Apparently one little boy decided to go around and completely fill all the feeders with full tubby of layer feed (just filled yesterday) is half full-where is the ticked off, I'm going to beat the....nevermind, smiley at? [​IMG] I have 3 kids, and love them to death, but I tell ya.....I must be too stressed out because that really ticked me off. Feed is expensive enough as it is!
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    I'll bet your chickens love to see that kid coming! [​IMG]
    Congrats on your new additions. I guess this means you won't be taking my extra brahma roos for me? [​IMG]
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    Wow, that is a lot of chicks!! I can't wait to see pics of your orloffs. I lost both of the ones I ordered from Ideal (the second night after shipping). They were just not very strong at all. I'll try again another year. I've got 11 four week old pullets, three almost 3 month old roosters, and a not quite finished coop!
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    Quote:Haha, hmmm....don't give me any more ideas [​IMG]

    Henrietta, yes, I am going to be very very busy for awhile now [​IMG] [​IMG] Sorry to hear about your Orloffs [​IMG] I *think* mine are okay...I'm really having trouble figuring out who is who, lol! I have one Salmon Favorelle that seems pretty weak; don't think he/she is going to make it. Now I wonder how I go about doing the replacement with Ideal...I don't know if it's my one roo I ordered, or one of the pullets [​IMG] I do need to let them know about the dutch not being the d'uccles I wanted, and the double pricing on the SF's....

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