Chick's Cumberson Wing Expanse

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    Mar 10, 2016
    We recently purchased a flock of 5 pullets and 1 rooster chick of Silver Laced Wyandottes from eFowl and added them to our Barred Rock chicks. When they arrived they seemed to be healthy and energetic. Long story short, we have had a battle with coccidosis and have lost several of our SLW and our Barred Rocks to that NASTY disease. With the exception of one, our flock seems to be getting better. The one I'm most concerned about seems to prefer to stay by herself (unless she can get one of the others to let her hide underneath their wings). However she still seems weaker than the rest, chirps more than the rest, and has a tendency to stay off from the rest of the flock. I'm concerned that, although we have them all on the Corid and medicated feed that she isn't responding as well as the rest. She also appears as though she "forgets" to drink water. Once I put her beak into the water a couple of times and see that she is taking it in, once I sit her back down she will go back to the waterer and drink several more times. I'm not watching constantly watching her, so I'm unsure whether she continues to drink throughout the day without my prompting her once again. I'm clueless on how much she is taking in. Are there any more recommendations or suggestions that might perk her up at bit and help her regain her strength? She has a "massive" wing span (seriously, her wing span is 2 to 3 times that of her siblings) and since, she is weak, at times she uses her wings as a crutch. Are her massive wing span a defect or genetic disorder? Her wings, either due to their expanse or her not feeling good seem to "droop" and definitely seem to be cumberson for her to maneuver and definitely keeps her from being as active as the rest of her broodmates. Anyone have any clue why she would have so much more than the rest of the flock??? Anyone ever have experience with that or is that specific to the SLW?

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