Chicks - Dominique, Buff Orp, BCM, BBS Ameraucana ~ in VA, will ship

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  1. List updated 11/18

    We have our final hatch of the season available.:

    4 wk old
    Dominiques $8 ea
    French Black Copper Marans $10 ea
    2 Brown Chinese Goslings $35 for the 2
    Buff Orpingtons $8 ea

    4-6 week olds
    Dominiques, Buff Orpingtons $6 ea
    French Black Copper Marans $8

    5-6 wk olds
    Black Copper Marans ~ pullets $15 ea ~cockerels $10
    Buff Orpingtons $10 ea (unsexed)
    Dominique Cockerels $10

    4-5 mo old Cockerels also available:
    Several Dominiques, 1 Blue Ameraucanas (nice dark Blue), 1 BC Marans (not SQ)
    Pic available on request on the boys

    We are in Virginia (zip 22742), between Warrenton, Fredricksburg, & Culpeper but we will ship to the contenental US for cost of Express Mail and the box.

    Please pm or email [email protected] to confirm quantity of a particular breed wanted.

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  2. BButterfly

    BButterfly Chirping

    Aug 18, 2012
    what line is your BCMaran rooster?
  3. crazy4eggsJulie

    crazy4eggsJulie Songster

    Mar 15, 2009
    Any photos of your Ameraucana egg color and what bloodline are they from?
  4. Both BCM Roos and my Blue Ameraucana roo came from Whitmore Farm in MD. My black Ameraucana roo is from my own flock. My BCM hens came from several sources over a few years and my Ameraucana hens came from several breeders over about 10 years. I usually buy a few each year and only keep the 1 or 2 best for my flock so it's hard to remember who came from where. I have posted a few more photos above. My Ameraucanas have been successfully shown at a state level as well as 4H and Poultry Club Shows.

    The egg basket photo shows the color of the Am eggs (no Marans egg in there) but the color is a little light due to the flash. The Green egg in the very center is an Olive egg from an EE hen who is NOT kept with the Ams.

  5. BButterfly

    BButterfly Chirping

    Aug 18, 2012
    BCM rooster and Blue ameraucanas pair SOLD!!!!
  6. leahroehl

    leahroehl Hatching

    Oct 9, 2012
  7. iajakesilkies

    iajakesilkies In the Brooder

    Jan 11, 2012
    Iam interested in some black copper marans do you sell eggs or do you have older birds avalible? My son shows and his flockwas taken by a mink and wants to have them agian eaven the ones he saved for 2013 were in the pen also.

  8. ajcress

    ajcress Songster

    Dec 14, 2007
    Masontown, WV
    I am looking for bbs son wanted to do 4h shows locally. Do you think your stock would be suitable? How much are your peeps just hatched also interested in info on marans...

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