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    I have 6 EE's that are supposed to be here this week. My wife picked up two ducklings on Wednesday and I was planning to raise them in the same brooder. My question is this, What about feed? I heard that ducklings should not have a medicated feed. Is this true and if so what feed can I used for a combination?
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    Yes, no medicated feed for ducklings. If you have a Tractor Supply store nearby you can find un-medicated chick starter there. It can be given to ducklings and chicks.

    Also, I would suggest against brooding them together. Ducks are MESSY. They get everything wet, and they poop A LOT. Your chicks need to stay dry.

  3. I raised a mallard with my 6 chicks and had no problem at all. Not really any extra mess, besides feed in the water. A duckling will wreak havoc on a water bowl. I had to clean it out at least 3 times a day. Ducks love to take mouthfuls of food and dunk it in the water. Thats just how they eat. At first I had the feed and water right next to each other and she would plop down right between them and just go back and forth all day. What I ended up doing was moving the water to the opposite side of the pen. This helped alot! Now they are 6 months old, in a bigger coop and get along great, we have always kept her in the coop with the chickens. We cant seperate them, when they go inside to roost she panics and walks back and forth quacking until I lift her inside. She has her own nest box, and seems exempt from all the chicken politics and pecking order. We put a small kiddie pool in the run and she's as happy as a duck in water![​IMG] My advice is just seperate the water from the feed, as far apart as possible, and you will have no problems at all. And she is just as entertaining to watch(maybe more when she's in her pool) as the chickens.
    Good luck
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    Yes, I agree with Punk on the water situation. I got a rabbit water bottle and the chicks mostly use that and a 1gallon water feeder from TSC for the ducks/chicks jointly to use. I've got 3 ducks in with 25 chicks and the chicks love the ducks, they always surround them to sleep so all is going well for us!! Enjoy!!!

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