Chicks,Ducks and a Goose


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11 Years
Jan 13, 2009
I rescued 3 ducks and a goose yesterday and put them in my almost completed coop. I have 27 chicks still in the brooder they are 16 days old. Is there any problems with them all living happily ever after in the same coop and run. The coop is 8x12 and the run is 25x50 covered and they will free range in the evenings and weekends when we are home?
I don't have ducks or geese, but I have seen pictures of people's ducks and chickens cohabitating, so I assume that there are at least some people who do it.
my older ducks (even if they are mating) dont pick on the young chicks. mine are appx 14 weeks old and under, and the ducks live happily with them, as well as with my 2 month old ducks. But if you mix a rooster in with them, the duck (mine does) might attack the rooster if the rooster trys to mate. So i'd say no older roos. But young ones will be fine!

heres a few family photos to ease your mind....



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