chicks dying after making zip

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    Apr 15, 2016
    My first hatch went ok 6 chicks out of the 10 that I knew where fertile after candle lighting. Yesterday another group of eggs had started hatching . The first chick made zip around and it took her another 5 hours to hatch. When she finally made it out some of her yolk sac was still attached (it is slowly drying up and she is doing ok) . Today I had two more make their zip and then nothing I waited and no movement or peeps . One of them had some blood streaming down its shell. I was thinking it may have came premature. Any guess what is going on? Could it be to hot ?
    I have two more peeping now don't want to lose them.
    Temp 99.6-100
    Hum says 55% but all water wells are full and there is a bowl of water in incu( thinking that the reading is probably wrong it seems to never change.)
  2. EricaJ

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    May 14, 2015
    Are you using a still air incubator or circulating air? Temps should be at 99.5 for still air and 100.5 to 101 for circulating air, it seems your temps are fine. I'd recommend going to a pet store and getting another hygrometer for humidity--they have them in the reptile section for a relatively low cost. The last few days of hatching (lock down) your humidity should be around 65 percent. I've had humidity drop and lost a few when I first started out, it's sad. But I'd say if they are zipped then they have air so they may just need the humidity increased so the membrane doesn't shrink wrap them. I hope this helps. The bleeding egg may have torn through a part of the membrane that the blood vessels hadn't receded from yet.

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