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    Sorry for the post...I was searching and I just can't find answers fast enough. We have/had 4 polish and a cross all at about 5-6 weeks old together. Noticed one of the polish hanging head one evening over in morning it had passed on. Couple days later, our cross did the same thing. Did some checking on here and suspected coccidosis. Started treatment 2 days ago with Sulmet. Now a third is on deaths door and a fourth is looking bad. Help! Where do I take them to get checked or tested?

    Really at a loss. (Note, was some blood in stool)

    What else could it be? Got Frizzle babies in another cage separate and I don't want this to take out my flock.

    Also, these chicks are on medicated feed as well.

    Another symptom besides drooping head and isolating and blood in stool is drooping wings.

    Wife just called and the next weakest has passed on. However the other two look a bit better.
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    I think the medicated chick feed is for Coccidia, so the sulmet might not even be doing the job. I could be wrong, but I don't think you want to mix the two...

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