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  1. aaaatttt

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    May 31, 2012
    my 1 month old chicks developing round swelling(like boils) on beaks,swollen eye lids,and legs red in colour.they have difficulty in walking.and they die of illness.pls somebody help me about treating my remaining chicks.
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    Nov 20, 2011
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    Look up infectious coryza, and do it fast. You might still be able to save some of them. Assume they're all infected, and buy some Sulmet to put in their water. Disinfect everything.

    There are other diseases that this could be, but you pretty much treat them the same, but with a few different medicines. The swelling sounds like coryza, but it could also be fowl pox.

    BUT... any survivors could be carriers of the disease to infect future birds. You'll have to make the choice whether to cull them all or save them, and risk going through it again if you get more chicks in the future.

    My reference: we just went through a chicken disease 1-2 months ago. It finally ended a month ago, and tore through my entire flock.

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