Chicks eye trying to close up.

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    I have a 2week old S.Faverolle chick with an eye that's trying to seal it's self or infected. It started a couple days or so after it hatched and I've been cleaning it daily with water. At first I thought maybe it was shaving particles or cheek fluff since their cheeks are quite fluffy. It's well over a week now and each day seems to be worse. I dont know if or what there is I can put on it to keep the gunk or infection from returning,which is clear by the way. Or do I just let it be and do it's thing? I'm wondering if maybe it's blind in that eye for whatever reason and that's why it wants to seal it's self...but how would I figure that out? [​IMG]
    Please share your thoughts or experiences with this please. I'm assuming she'll be ok as an adult since my birds don't free range.
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    It sounds like your chick might have conjunctivitis. I just had one with the same thing. There are several things you can treat with. I happen to be using Baytril (enthrofloxin) because I have it for the wildlife I rehab, but I know there are some other options out there. Just search the forums. You should find the other treatment options.

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