Chicks face is swollen.

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    Apr 8, 2016
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    I have a 5 week old maran chick who has one side of her face swollen. No sneezing or watery eyes that I can tell. Any ideas or treatments?
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    Unfortunately this has happened to some of my chickens quite a few times. The most successful home treatment that I did was to mix a little bit of apple cider vinegar in some water and with a Q-tip or cotton swab gently dab the inflamed part of her face. Be very careful not to get it in her eyes though, it burns.
    And while doing this 4-6 times per day I give the chick(en) orally a mixture of mostly yogurt, with apple cider vinegar, a teensy bit of water, and sometimes milk as well. My homemade concoction. [​IMG] Also, colloidal silver works very well too. If you have it, also mix it with the apple cider vinegar water and dab her face with it as well.

    I had an Americana hen that had this REALLY bad, both sides of her head were severely swollen, you could barely even see one of her eyes, and when I used this recipe, within two days it was much, much better.

    Good luck! BTW, if you are going to use this treatment, make sure you do it often, multiple times per day. [​IMG]
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