Chicks first time outside - ok to eat what they find?

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    This is our first trip outside. Its only 62 degrees but there's no wind and the sun is very warm. I also have a box in the enclosure with pine shavings in it for them to go to if they are feeling cold but so far they haven't gone in it. The youngest chicks are a week old and the oldest are two weeks old. They all seem to be doing okay but they are pecking at everything possible in the dirt. This makes me nervous as I don't know if they should be eating anything off the ground yet. Can anyone please advise? Thank you! Pics to show you the temporary outdoor set up I'll bring them out to a little each warm day to acclimate them to where their Coop will be:



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    About the first thing a broody hen does with her chicks is to take them to ground so they can peck it. Among other things they are getting grit. They are also eating bits of food from the ground. I’d be concerned if they were not pecking at the ground it’s such a natural thing to do.

    Relax, they are OK. They are just being chickens.
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