Chicks First trip outdoors... pics

Texas Fluffy Feet

11 Years
Feb 20, 2008
Arlington, TX
My babies will be a week old tomorrow. Today it is absolutely goregous out. The temp is almost 80 and it is nothing but sunshine. I decided to take the babies out for a few minutes to let them enjoy the pretty day too. I used a transport cage I have for small animals since our coop and run is not finished yet. I covered 3 sides with newspaper because while it is nice and warm, it is breezy out and I didn't want anyone getting chilled. I only wish it didn't have wire on the bottom so they could have really scratched around! The lid was open only for pics and then I closed it just in case anyone tested their little bit of wings out.

The first minute - A little confused...

Less than a minute later- nothing but fuzzy butts in the air!

Our dog doesn't exactly know what to think of the chicks. He's happy were happy with whatever is making that noise has been his attitude so far. Today with them out in the yard though he really got excited- he realized he liked to watch them too! Can you see his smile?

I only meant to keep the little sweeties out there 15 minutes or so but they were having so much fun and so were we watching them that it was more like 45 minutes! They pecked and played the whole time! Needless to say when they got back in the brooder they zonked right out. I did add them a little bowl of grit because they "tasted" lots of grass and leaves out there.

thanks for letting me share.


11 Years
Jan 29, 2008
S.W Pa.
Ours are jist a week old also Lea.But, even tho it's "officialy" spring here, it's still pretty cold out there. I can't wait till thier maiden voyage outside.

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