chicks flying next door


11 Years
May 7, 2008
Pasadena Ca
so my girls are almost of laying age, and the americauna has been getting a littledaring, she keeps flying on top of the coop or venturing out to the neighbors property, this just started.
Anything i can do to discourage this, besides "shoo" her back to where i want her?
what about clipping her feathers? she is a pretty good flier
i live in the city, so the neighbors house is close by.. they have my yard which they have all been happy with for 5 months,.. they get out at least once a day for several hours to help with the bug control.
It's pretty impressive how well chickens can fly, isn't it?

Are your chickens fenced in? If so, how high is the fence?

You can clip one wing, but I've had limited results with this. It worked for one of my roos, but the girls just kept on flying.
when they are out there is no fence.
she flew on top of the coop this morning,,, about 6 feet high..,. guess i will just have to try and stop the behavior before it gets out of control
I'd suggest fencing or building a pen to keep your girls safe while they are out of the coop. It's one thing for your chickens to fly over and visit the neighbors, but what if someone's dog gets loose and visits the chickens?

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