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6 Years
Apr 3, 2013
So I have this little silkie that has been sitting in a nesting box, on eggs and even when I take the eggs, she stays there. For days! So, for fun, I took two eggs, marked them and stuck them under her today. I am hoping they hatch in a few weeks. And if they hatch, I am hoping they are eggs from my new hampshire reds. But my rooster is a black copper maran. I just segregated him yesterday, but hoping todays eggs are still fertile from yesterday- should they be? Im new to all this. Its all really a chance, but itll be fun to see how it unfolds :) I will keep you all posted with what happens.

What are you experiences with this?
wonderful. i got about 11 eggs today and i took the 3 biggest to put under her, hoping they were from my older hens. i say three, because i had a late layer and it was a nice size so i gave it to her. it wont be too disappointing if it doesn't work but thought id give it a try. to me, its worth the three eggs.
I think you gonna hatch 5 big black chickens!
I just ditched a clutch of Day 10 banty eggs because they were infertile and gave the little hen some large brown and white eggs of unknown henage. I didn't need any more bantys anyway but can always use more layer hens. My layer hens are mutts so it's always interesting to see what comes out of the egg.
I hope they are not all black! I have a lot of BCMs already. I would like some more New Hampshire Reds. Either way, I will be thrilled if they hatch!! :) I Think I will count tomorrow as day 1.
OK, so the silly girl moved from her three eggs into a nest with no eggs. Why would she do this? She has been sitting on NO eggs for days, so I put them under her and she moves. So I moved the eggs with her. She sat on them for half a day yesterday and they were not hot when I moved them- They are back under her now- Do you think they will be OK since she was only on them for a short while?
As long as they're fertile they're ok. Kinda like the first several days when a hen goes broody she'll sit on the nest all day then go to the roost at night and let the eggs get cold before she starts sitting 24/7.
So fascinating. I wish I could put a 24 hour cam out there and watch it! Probably be better than most daytime television! Lol
So fascinating. I wish I could put a 24 hour cam out there and watch it! Probably be better than most daytime television! Lol

Well then hurry up and work like a Hebrew slave all your life and retire like I did and you too can spend your days sitting around watching the chickens scratch on Chicken T.V. and down at the American Legion with grumpy old men discussing their bladder & bowel control issues while being swilling large amounts of cheap draft beer from a bartender named Broom Hilda. ;)
Keep us posted on the eggs.

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