chicks for sale in Ma


11 Years
Feb 12, 2008
Agawam , Ma
As of right now i have 30 fertile chicken eggs in the bator . I dont need 30 new chicks so as long as everything goes well , i will have some chicks for sale

there are
-old english -spangled,blue splash ,black ,silver duckwing (they are bantams )
- bantam white leghorn
-Lemon blue modern games (bantams )
- silkies partridge,white,blue

some will be pure other will be mixed . I have some nice loooking birds but i dont know if they are show quality so i am just going to say that they are pet qulity .

chicks will be from $3-$5 sound good ? trades are always welcome

PM me or e-mail me for pics (also pick up only )
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