Chicks for sale. Several breeds. Take a look

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    Please do not hit the BIN just PM me

    I have chicks from 1 day old up to about 6 weeks old. I have chicks hatching every Sunday/Monday so I can ship them VIA USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day)

    My stock ranges from the following

    Silkies both Showgirl and standard
    Frizzles..I have EE frizzles, NN Frizzles and Frizzles that are not frizzled. They could be either EE or brown egg layers.
    Black Copper Marans C1
    Blue Marans (BCM C1 rooster over three blue hens)
    Pekin ducklins
    Oliver eggers
    Cochins (Lemon Blue roo (or as some like to say blue buff) with white, splash, and black (from a blue line) hens

    AFter looking at my post I just noticed I did not put, the prices start at 2.50 and up based on breed and age of the chicks.

    Thanks for all the PM's................

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    Hey Erik, how much to ship to me in Indiana? At this time of year, what's the minimum order? 47917. I trust and LOVE your birds, but you know that! [​IMG]
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    HI PM'd you..

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