Chicks found in Food eggs?


7 Years
Apr 24, 2012
Vancouver/Clark county
I have an unusual question, I work in Food service since 1982, when I first joined the military, we would get these boxes of 60 dozen in a box, and sometimes there would be formed chicks in the eggs, this also happens, When i have worked in the kitchen in the hospital too, I have seen formed chicks in the eggs, these eggs come from commercial farms.And we know that goverment standard would be for immediate refridgeration. I still work in food service and I still see this, we have to crack eggs in a bowl before we put it in the recipe.

My husband would tell me his mother use to buy eggs for the month and stored them in the basement, by the end of the month, in the last dozen or two chicks would be forming in the eggs. Would a water heater and the dryer keep the basement warm enough to to incubate the eggs, it was a huge basement.

Now having read several threads that eggs set for chicks only form when purposely setting them in an incubator, that it would not be possible otherwise. Im confused as I have witnessed this for several years. now I am confused.
Now its unusual (or hope so) for factory eggs to be fertile to begin with as there aren't any roosters in the factory farms (cage farms).
Its possible (though unlikely) that free range and / or organic chicken farm eggs to be fertile if there is a normadic rooster near by :).

Eggs are probably more hardy than any of us think. There are stories of fertile eggs hatching in unusual circumstances.
Kitchen temperatures are usually high, so I wouldn't surprised to find eggs forming in those areas.
Some cheap shippers / traders may be storing eggs in outside expected conditions and contribute to incubation conditions.

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