Chicks from Americana rooster. Mixed hens 1 Americana hen.


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Mar 14, 2017
I got eggs from a lady in my town these are the 20 chicks I hatched, very friendly little things.. I'm a first time chicken mommy. Was curious when you can tell if males or females and about their feather color coming in. I have 2 that she pointed out that was full Americana. I know the one , it's my buddy love it's beard! I've tried doing lots of research but not knowing the hens or much about chickens throws me off.
20170516_162959.jpg 20170517_152725.jpg 20170517_152710.jpg 20170517_152408.jpg 20170517_152342.jpg 20170517_152316.jpg
Was the "Americana" the only possible father? Americanas are usually what hatcheries call Easter Eggers, not that it matters here. Did he have any barring?

If he isn't barred then the black chick with the white head spot is a cockerel.
I got them from a lady in my town. The only rooster she has is Ameracana. Then from there I know she has black astrolop, Brahma, Ameracana, and I believe maran hens. Maybe more. I don't believe her rooster is barred

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