chicks from Murray McMurray arrived this morning


11 Years
Mar 3, 2008
HI, just got my order of 50 ( i think that there are about 54,but cant keep them still enough to make a good count) this morning, and all are alive and doing well- none DOA.

there are 2 tho that have one toe that is red and swollen - is this an infection or will it go away? anyone else get any with this problem?

thanks and have a great weekend!
I ordered from McMurray last year, and didn't have any problems. You might have better luck posting that question in the Emergencies/Diseases forum.

Or you can just wait it out. If it doesn't seem to get worse, and it isn't spreading to the other chicks, it may have just been an injury they sustained at the hatchery.

I count mine 3 times. 1) When I take them out of the shipping box and put them in the brooder. 2) When I take them out of the brooder and put them in the pen. 3) When I take them to the processor.

I try to count them at other times, but when you have that many, it's really tough. With 53 in my last batch, I would sometimes only count 49, and other times, somewhere around 57.
Hi uncle hoot,

the one with the worst looking toe did die yesterday - so sad, but i don't think that was the only problem with it - it didn't seem to eat much, and i had to move it to the waterer several times to drink- it's legs seemed to be too far apart for it's body. the other ones toes are getting better, and have been putting neosporin on them.

a couple have pasty butt, but have been cleaning them and applying neosoporin there too.

i cannot believe how fast they are growing!- already they are getting feathers on their wings and are getting big and tall.
Pasty butt is poop sticking to the fuzz around the fuss around the vent. That has to be cleared off so that the poop can exit the vent. When it builds up and sticks aound the vent, the poop has no way to exit and it just builds up and causes bigger problems! (health problems leading to death)
well, we ended up with 6 or 7 pasty butts - that stuff is like tar!! i could not get it all off of their hinies, but did get it from around the vent and olive oiled them. all seem to be poohing OK now, but don't look too pretty with their bums all oiled up. they sure don't like to see me coming anymore and run as fast as they can.
I'm going to try the baking soda thing.I had never heard that.I got a batch on friday and have the worst case of pasty butt I 've ever had.No DOA's but lost 2 shortly after . Will

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