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    Hello all, we recently purchased 10 day old Silkie Bantam chicks from “My Pet Chicken”, It was an interesting process that I would like to share with you.

    We found “My Pet Chicken” from a banner ad on the Back Yard Chickens. We ordered 10 Sexed Silkie Bantam chicks on line. Instructions for ordering were clear and the process was painless. The chicks would cost about $10 per bird and $34.95 for shipping. I used my credit card to make the order.

    I would like to have ordered White Silkie hens but ordering information on My Pet Chicken says that at this time of year, “your purchase of a Silkie Bantam assortment will get you a hatchery choice of bearded and non-bearded Silkies, in any combination of the following colors: Splash, Blue, White, Black, Buff, Red, partridge”.

    We ordered on September 2. On Wednesday September 16 at 8 AM our local post office called us at home saying that our chicks were in. The first 3 images I have attached are the chicks as they were on the day we received them. All appeared to be in good shape considering that they have just been born on the previous Monday and now have traveled across the entire continent.



    Unfortunately, 3 of the chicks died within the next 3 or 4 days. When I called My Pet Chicken to advise them of our problem they said that the chicks most likely died of stress from the travel and that they would refund our purchase price for the lost birds, which they did.

    Our surviving 7 chicks are 5 weeks old, healthy and happy. We have no White Silkies in the bunch but have 2 Black, 2 Blue, 2 Buff and 1 Red Silkie. The jury is still out on how many of the group are hens but we hope they all are. For the first two weeks the chicks lived in our house in their brooder ( a large plastic tub) but soon we started to introduce them to the rest of the flock by putting them in a large cage inside the hen house. Now, we allow them to have the run of the hen house and pen but we supervise their forays in to the outdoors closely. They are darling little creatures, very curious, energetic and are mixing well with the adult hens and rooster. The older chickens seem to tolerate the chicks and have not yet shown any aggressive behavior. See the second image of chicks at this stage.


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    Really beautiful! Our 6 chicks are 5 weeks old, too. It's fun to have babies, and they change daily! Thanks for sharing your pics and experience.

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