chicks going lame/ sick--> put down now5 of them

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    Jul 23, 2010
    I am having this problem with chicks from a hatchery. They are now 16 weeks old. Started about 1 month ago. starting to limp, then lame, seemed paralized in the leg, listless, difficulty getting to food and water but would eat and drink heartily if i put it next to them. 2 of the 5 had a rapid decline 4 days till they were extremely ill and we put them down. 1 will be put down today as she is progressively worse. The other 2 had a slow but steady decline until we put them down. I thought merecks but now that the numbers are 5 out of 16 purchased. I am wondering if I could be doing something to cause this illness. They are on grower, eat BOSS, have not grown too fast ( as was suggested by the store I ordered them through). They free range several hours a day, up to 4. They get all veg and fruit scraps we have ( fresh), they get treats of mealworms, mackrel, or shrimp or crab a few times a week. They are not getting into anything toxic that I can see. I have 8 older hens who get the same diet except they are on layer not grower. They are healthy and I've not lost any of them to sickness. It may be coincidence, they came from a different store/ hatchery. Any input would be appreciated. I have grown weary of having to put them down, and dread going out to the coop for fear another one will have a limp...... Up until a month ago I couldnt wait to get home from work and go down to the coop and let them out of the run. Thank you in advance
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    Why did you rule out Marek's?

    The symptoms you're describing do indicate Mareks....since they are outside, they are definitely susceptible, unless you had them vaccinated.

    You might want to take the sickest one to your State lab, have them euthanize it, and do a least then you would have a definitive cause of death.

    If it is Marek's, theres no treatment, no cure......
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    I agree, I would send one or two in for necropsy. I always have animals necropsies if dying unexplainably. Cost is usually much lower than the cost of losing more or the cost of trying medications for unknown illness on the rest of the flock.

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