Chicks going outside?


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May 1, 2015
Blue ridge mountains
When is it best to put chicks outside? We have a coop for them and they are 5-6 weeks old. They have all their feathers but their head feathers. I love them to pieces but I'm tired of my house smelling like them
of course I won't put them out till it's safe though. I'm in western North Carolina and it stays fairly warm at night most nights.
I just put mine out at 6 weeks old last night!! They have been out for daytime, but first overnight last night. Mine are fully feathered and our nights right now are upper 40's/low 50's. They chirped quite a bit at first but as full darkness came on, they huddled together and were quiet.
All was well. I do go out and check on them a few times until I go to bed though...
Mine were out at 4 weeks with the ecoglow plate and have been doing great. 6 weeks is deffinately old enough to go outside. They need room to roam and explore. They will start pecking at each other and getting antsy. Mine all get along great. Occasional chest bumps to know whose boss, my lead hen miss piggy. Haha I say go for it! And if you are not sure you can provide a heat source just incase
I put mine out at 5 weeks. I did not give additional heat and they did great. I live in Kansas City and we had cold spell right after putting them out and over nights got to the low 40's. Mine were in a solid enclosed coop at night and between coop and run during the day when it was in the mid 60's.
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