Chicks hatched by Hen 2 wks. ago, isolated from main flock, have developed growths around eyes and b

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    Oct 12, 2015
    Purchased 26 pullets and 2 roosters from Murray McMurry, had them vaccinated for Maricks and coccidiosis before they were shipped. The pullets started laying at 5 mo. These Buff Orpingtons wanted to set as soon as they started laying. The eggs were too small, I thought, but we let one set 12 eggs. She hatched out 8 with 4 that didn't make it out of their shells. One of the 8 failed to thrive and died in the first 3 days. Wk. 2 ,two chicks developed round blood red nodules around their eyes and beaks. These things got bigger and bigger until the 2 chicks were blinded. My husband culled them yesterday, then found the start of nodules on 2 more chicks. He isolated those 2. The mom and remaining 3 chicks are also isolated. I am 65, have had chickens , almost my entire life, but I have never seen anything like this. Our vet has stopped treating livestock and none of the ones within 50 mi. treat them either. Does anyone have any idea what this is, how contageous is it, should we destroy all of them and could the hen be safely returned to the flock? I am totally stumped and very saddened. Another pullet is setting and we don't want to go through this with her. HELP PLS!

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