Chicks hatching... OH MY... how did this happen?

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  1. I was going to post this under hatching eggs... but Identification would probly be a better site...

    In a nutshell.. I bought some chicks back in... Feb and they arrived in march of 2010... so that makes them... 4 months old.. not ready for breeding... or so I assume, I was under the impression they breed at 6 months...

    so, I have a chicken pen, one of many, and in that chicken pen, I have 1 White male araucana, 1 female araucana, 2 male cohins, and 5 female cochins...

    The araucanas have been breeding well... no sign of breeding on the cochins. I have them mixed because i felt I have at least 4 more weeks before they need to be split... So..

    my female araucana started to lay eggs... 10 to be exact... I took them away each day and stuck them in the incubator in sets of 2 with other fresh eggs that are available...

    Well, 2 chicks hatched today... out of BLUE eggs... and both chicks have feathers on there foot... and araucana are not know for feathers... is it safe to say that the chicks belong to my Cochin male? UGH... if so.. I need to split them now... I never intened them to cross...

    Please note the feathes on the legs... its on both legs.. and one even might have the Tufts...

    By breedergenetics at 2010-07-01

    By breedergenetics at 2010-07-01
  2. starbright bird

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    Jun 30, 2010
    They're awfully cute, whoever daddy is.
  3. SkyWarrior

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    Apr 2, 2010
    Wilds of Montana
    They look like Araucana x Cochin. Sorry. They are, as starbright bird said, awfully cute though. You could probably sell the cross because they are so cute...[​IMG]
  4. pgpoultry

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    Oct 16, 2009
    Looks like you have precocious Cochin boys!

    They are VERY cute.....

  5. aussieheelr

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    I've heard many times of 16 week old cockrels sucessfully mating... in fact my 17 week olds have been for a few weeks now. and definatly a cochin roo w/araucana hens... this would make them feather legged easter eggers.
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  6. aussieheelr

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    sorry double post
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  7. They are cute... The top pictuer looks just like a baby black cochin.. I have the pics...

    The 2nd one looks like a black araucana... but with leg feathers... Imagin my supprise... Let see.. if they hatch yesterday.. that means that the males were breeding at 13 weeks old... because the egg took 21 days to hatch.. so back dating would put them 1st week of June.


    since I have 8 eggs left.. IF they have feathers on the leg.. daddys is the cochin.. would this be true for all the cochins kids? If some eggs hatch with no leg feathers.. is it safe to say they belong to araucana male or could it just be the Cochin dad and the kids just have no leg feathers?

    I have seen the male araucana breeding the hen... which is why Im supprised its a cochin baby cross..
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  8. starbright bird

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    Jun 30, 2010
    Texas Cowboy,

    The black chick looks rumpless?

    I love cochins! My young buff standard was eaten by a racoon. Someday I'll have another one.

    Right now I have some chicks straight out of the box, including 6 aracuanas. I'm a total newbie, but they look good, are quite alert and vigorous w/o any aggression yet. They also hang together in the brooder and the three w/ paste were quite vocal about their cleaning.

    So far, I'm in love.
  9. kla37

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    Apr 18, 2010
    Hillsborough, NC USA
    Owl is adorable! We have a 3 little cochins, one named Hedwig. [​IMG]

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