chicks hatching


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Oct 18, 2018
Hi everyone,
I'm pretty new to chickens and this is my first time incubating eggs, so far its going okay,
I've got 13 in the incubator and 1 of them has hatched and it has a"cord" and is limp and not moving much it came outta the egg about 3 hours ago (5 a.m.) and im just a little worried that its not moving much.
the first egg that pipped at (9am) yesterday still hasnt made much progress and i'm worried that its taking to long to hatch
They can take up to 12+ hrs to hatch. if they pipped they can usually hatch, and with a pip they have air. The chick could be just absorbing fluids, as they do before hatching. A pipped chick is not a ready to hatch chick, since they need to keep absorbing, and their cord is still attached. By the way, I have 2 due tomorrow (I was given 4 eggs one had a crack, and one was not fertile. But these 2 are doing well!)

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