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    Apr 28, 2008
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    I had the first chick hatch last night. I set them on February 9th. I got some of my eggs from my neighbor and the rest from my uncle. After 10 days I candled them and only had 14 good eggs. No development at all in the majority of them. I hated to tell the neighbor that none of her eggs was any good. I guess her roo is not doing his job.

    Well last night I heard chirping and was surprised to find a chick has just popped out of one of the eggs. This morning there were 2 when I got up and a third when I got out of the shower. I went to work but had to come home because the alarm company called and said my alarm was going off. I drove 30 minutes home to find everything all fine. The alarm was still set. It had not been tripped. I looked in the bator and there were 6 with a bunch more zipping.

    I am ready to go home to see how may of the 14 remaining eggs actually hatch.


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