Chicks having difficulty breathing and later dying

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    May 6, 2009
    My father and I purchased 25 sex link chicks 2 wks ago. A few days ago one died, but prior to that it began to have a really hard time breathing. Today we have another one that is have difficulty breathing, laying down, eyes are closed, and it has poop crusted on it's bottom. We got antibiotics yesterday and began to put in the water (we didn't do this when we brought them home because we were told by the breeder that they had already had their medicated water and didn't need it). We have raised chicks before but never encountered this, suggestions are needed. Thanks!!!
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    Have you cleaned off their bottoms?

    By the way [​IMG] from Ohio
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    Pasty butt. Clean those bottoms so the baby can poop. Otherwise they become constipated with no way to get the poop out, and they die. Labored or heavy breathing usually is a sign of dying. Your problem sounds like the pasty butt.

    Warm water, or peroxide will clean them. Just gently either soak the bottoms (my preference) or wipe until clean. Soaking doesn't seem to irritate the skin as much. Then get those babies warm, and back under the heat lamp.

    Good luck!
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    I had a 4 wk old chick gasping for breath and acting drunk. Started it on Poly-vi-sol (without iron) 2-3 drops 2-3 x a day. She was better on the fourth day. Something you might want to try. You could put a couple of drops in the others water too.
    Hope it gets better.

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