Chicks having watery poo

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    I had all of my chicks (3 weeks now) on non medicated food and just switched them to medicated feed a few days ago. Since then some of the chicks have had poop that is literally just liquid, but they are acting normal. Eating, drinking, running around acting like chicks. I've also been giving all of them vitamins and electrolytes in the water.... am I doing too much? Should I stop putting stuff in the water
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    Try swiching them back to regular starter grower.

    If they come down with coccidiosis it is easy to treat. There are a lot of resources on BYC to help with that

    Medicated feed can be off because it has to have thiamine added to offset the medicine which is a thiamine blocker.

    I have never trusted it
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    I would stop the electrolytes and vitamins if they are acting okay. Those could be adding to diarrhea. I used medicated feed in my first flock for 5 months without any problems, but it doesn’t really prevent coccidiosis. I have never had coccidiosis in my flock whether I used medicated feed or not. Just learn the signs of coccidiosis, and get Corid (amprollium) right away to start treatment. I would be inclined to use up the rest of the medicated feed, then switch, but that is just my opinion.
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