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    Jul 21, 2017
    Ok guys im getting 10 baby chicks wednesday and i have them going to brood in a box i have this cat that always killing baby birds and big one im scared she will try and kill my chicks i put a dog kennel around it but its not enough at home ill see her jump on my dresser into the brooder im going to close my door everyday anyway but my grandmother always goes in my room im scared she will leave my door open and the cat will get in there how do i keep the cat away.
  2. Re-home the cat or re-home your grandmother. Personally I prefer the former option.
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    That's why your brooder needs to be safe for your chicks, with a hardware cloth cover, at least. Most cats will kill little chicks, because they are just the right size, unlike adult chickens, too big for most cats to tackle.
    Plan ahead and make your chicks safe!
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    Um, yeah. You need to talk with your grandmother. If she is forgetful, post a sign on your door and lock it when you're not at home. And as others have said, make a cat-proof brooder. The chicks' safety is your responsibility.
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    Lock your bedroom door.
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    Hi there :frow
    Wow, seems you're getting lots of help here :rolleyes:
    You said dog kennel, is there no top or way to close the chicks inside? Attach a lid to it somehow to keep the cat out. We zip tied old screens to ours to keep the chicks in.
    Can you post a pic of your brooder? That might help with suggestions.
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    Jul 21, 2017

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    My boyfriend left the door open to my brooder room once. I have 3 cats. My heart just sunk when I saw the open door, fully expecting a blood bath in that room. I went in with my heart beating out of my chest. I looked in the brooder and in the middle of it my sphinx cat Jinx, was laying in the shavings, sun bathing under the heat lamp! The little chicks all around her. I got lucky. But after that, I put a large sign on the door reminding my boyfriend to shut it!
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    In my honest opinon I would not have chicks in the postion your in. Yes locking your door is a good idea and reminding grandma not to go in is a good one as well. But I personally don't feel like you should get rid of your cat (or grandma for that matter) as it (the cat) was there before the chicks and to me is not right to get rid of it because your getting chicks. if you have a large dog kennel and a box with high sides or a way to make it so the chicks can't get between the bars you might/should be fine.
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    Put one of these on the door. It'll remind anyone who needs to get in there that it's closed for a reason.
    Another suggestion. That brooder light should be pointing straight down so it only creates one small spot of heat. The rest of the box should be room temperature.

    You'll likely need a bracket on the wall to hang it from, never use the clamp its not stable. I think you'll need a bigger box to control the temperatures.

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