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    Mar 17, 2015
    Ok, this may be a dumb question.... My chicks are about 6 weeks old and in their brooder they have practically been under a constant light source. The room they are in is warm enough to no longer need a heat lamp. I have been keeping a light on for them at night because they seem to get agitated in the dark. Should i be getting them acclimated to night time? I have been planning on putting them in their coop in a couple weeks and didnt want to freak out at night. Again, this may sound silly but im new at this :)
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    No silly questions.
    The reality is that like all earthbound animals, they need a dark period (hemeral lighting).
    Actually it's best to provide their heat with other than a light source like a ceramic heat emitter. I put chicks on 8 hours of dark every night from the time they're 3 days old. 1 week if they're shipped.
  3. vinegarhill73

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    Mar 17, 2015
    Thanks for the quick response and good advice! I think i have just been trying not to get my girls upset. I was just thinking how awful it would be not to have darkness... Thanks!
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    When my chicks were 6 weeks old I started turning off their light. They did alot of chirping in their brooder but by the time the second night came they were happy sleeping on their short roosts they have in there. Now come sun down unless the light is on in the room they are in they put themselves to bed on their roosts and floor of the brooder. A few nights they have huddled some but they were comfortable sleeping so I left them be. Before with their light you would hear them all night! Mine are 9 weeks now and my coop is finally getting to the point of being finished soon. I can't wait to put them out there and watch them in their run :)

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