Chicks in the laundry room.


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Mar 25, 2010
Asheville, NC
I plan on keeping our new peeps in the laundry room. However, being a new chicken mama, I am nervous that the washer and dryer will scare them. Please tell me this is silly.
They will get used to the sounds pretty quickly. My brooder sits on the floor up in my tv room, and they do pretty well when I vacuum around them. They kind of huddle together when the vacuum comes near, but they don't appear to freak I think it's good to get them use to occasional loud sounds. My big girls pay little attention to the lawn mower or our tractor because they've become accustomed to those loud noises.

PS: "This is silly"
For the first week I had my chicks in my laundry room. They seemed to like the dryer (they were on the dryer) and yes, the first two or three times the spin cycle of the washing machine scared them. But they got over it. I do 2-3 loads a day, so by the second day nobody was even paying attention.
My chicks have been in the laundry room since the beginning, and they are 4 weeks now, along with the 1 week old banties. Mine squeaked a little when the machine got loud on the spin cycle too, but they actually quiet down when the dryer is running.

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