Chicks into the big pen - do they need an older chicken around?


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Apr 18, 2009
Elkins, WV
Howdy all,
My chicks are now around a month old and I moved them into the big pen Sunday AM. They were originally put into the barn portion and I left the door open so they could go into the fenced grass and explore. They went out and I don't know if they have been back in. the weather is OK now and for a couple days, but how long do I give them to make their way back inside? Should I borrow a hen and put her in there to show them how to go in and out of the roost? There is a light inside the barn (imagine an outbuilding like you park a lawn tractor in) for warmth, but they are fairly well feathered right now. AnywayI think they will figure it out, but I was curious.
PS that avatar is my daughter with her hen "Princess Mononoke"

I had the same problem last year. Just go out and put them to bed at night. After a couple of nights they will start putting themselves to bed.

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