Chicks just hatched with curled toes and yoke bag still out!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Oct 9, 2008
    I have 9 chicks that hatched out yesterday and today. Yesterday was day 19 they all hatched with their yoke bag still out. About half of them have curled toes. Did something happen during incubation that caused this? Whta do I do to the chicks that have curled toes? I know about the band aid thing but, do you put the sticky part on the bottom of the foot or what???? I dont think 1 is going to make it he has alot of his yoke bag still hanging out and is bleeding. Is their anyway I can help this little guy?
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    Feb 15, 2009
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    It's likely that your temperature was too high, so the yolk was not fully absorbed. It's easy to splint toes. MoleSkin works best, you can find it at your pharmacy. It's thick, soft, and very sticky so it will stay on the foot longer than a bandaid. Splint the second day so you don't stress already weakened chicks. Make two chick boots out of the MoleSkin and sandwich the toes in between the two layers. Be sure to completely straighten the toes in between the MoleSkin. if done properly, you chicks' toes will be fixed in as early as 3 days. You may need to splint the legs above the hocks too to prevent splaying.

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