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    Hi all, I happen to have some extra chicks available here in case anyone is looking for something in the below breeds. Pick up only. We are located in zip 08330.

    3 grey silkies feathering out nicely - gender unknown

    1 pair (pullet/cockerel) of lavender bantam cochins fully feathered (relying on comb size/lack of comb for genders

    1 extra lavender bantam cochin cockerel fully feathered

    1 mottled bantam cochin which I believe is a cockerel, fully feathered

    2 recently hatched baby partridge sizzle chicks, not sure if they are actually frizzle or smooth yet, still very tiny.

    1 splash ameraucana/cochin cross (very adorable but a result of an escapee blue standard ameraucana hen while my cochins were free ranging, I believe the dad is my splash bantam cochin cockerel)

    Feel free to contact me for more information. Some hatching eggs are available as well. Mostly bantam cochin and standard ameraucana, my silkies have gone broody at the moment.

    A few photos:
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