Chicks keep dying under mom’s care


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That sounds like you found the answer. A poultry science professor said that roost mites kill more broody hens than anything else. They can kill chicks too.

Roost mites hide by the day and come out at night. The best way to check for them is to use a flashlight to look at the vent area of the hen. You should see them scurrying away, trying to run from the light. Try to be quick so they don't have time to hide.

Read up on how to treat roost mites. Get an approved spray (at the feed store) and read the instructions. A mite spray for poultry should be very safe to use with chicks, a lot safer than leaving the mites to attack them. You'll need to clean out the bedding and because they can hide in it. Treat again in about 10 days, the spray kills the mites but not the mite eggs. Treating in 10 days should get the mites that hatch out before they lay more eggs.


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Jun 30, 2021
Y’ALL an amazing thing happened tonight! I found the “bad mom” up in the coop tonight (normally the mamas nest on the ground in the coop and then I help them all up into the nesting/roosting area) and assumed she had left her last baby to die alone outside…but when I went to put the other mama and her babies up, the lone chick was underneath her with all the other babies 😭❤️ so they seem to have figured it out all on their own. I’m so happy and charmed by my sweet mama hen.

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