Chicks keep hanging out in the coop

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    Aug 4, 2014
    I've been loving all the great resources on this site for the last few weeks as I've started my little flock and finally joined today. I've had chickens before (albeit about 12 years ago) and never run into this problem before. I have 5 chicks who are going on 6 weeks and have just moved out to the coop full time. They'd been in a large box in the house up until last week. I let them out of the coop in the morning and they all come running down into the run to eat and drink and cheep like little cheepy maniacs but then after a little while everyone heads back up into the coop. When I go out to check on them they'll hear me coming and all come running out, but after about 5-10 minutes they all head back inside.

    They all seem to be happy and healthy, have plenty of food, water, and entertainment in the run as well as having plenty of space, but they just keep wanting to spend their day sitting in the coop together, but not huddled together like they're cold. Is this something I should be worried about?
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    Oh, no! Nothing to worry about. I'm sure they'll stay outside longer as time progresses. Since they were used to living in a box, the coop has now become their box. It takes chicks time to adjust. Time is all they need. :)
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