Chicks kept spilling their water

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by dewtattoo, Mar 29, 2017.

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    Hi guys. I just thought I'd share this quick little thing I did tonight to save myself the headache of constantly having to change or refill the drinking water in my brooder box.

    My chicks are 5-weeks old as of tomorrow so they will be going out into their brand new coop very soon. But until then they are driving me nutty by constantly knocking over their water container or completely filling it with pine chips. The bigger they have gotten, the worse this issue has become. I have been having to change their water up to 4 times a day now.

    Currently I am building them a watering system in the coop and the run that I just completed building a few days ago. I had a spare chicken nipple so I attached it to the cap of a large water bottle.

    I went out to my shop to try to figure out what to build to support a water bottle from, when I happened to notice a small nylon netting bag that had come with an exercise jump rope that my fiance had purchased, and I got an idea.

    I secured the bag around the water bottle. I then grabbed some spare hooks that I had previously purchased for hanging coffee mugs under our kitchen cupboard. I attached two of the hooks to a piece of scrap wood large enough to lay across the top of the brooder. Then I just hung the netting bag from the hooks ...and now I have the perfect temporary spill proof water source.

    I showed one of the birds where the water was by tapping her beak on the nipple, and she showed the other 3 for me. They picked up on it super quickly.

    Anyway. That was my quick remedy for a drinking water headache.

    Here's a pic.

    I hope you enjoyed my quick little share. I was worried about how to nipples train my birds once I put them in the coop, but as it turns out, that worry was unwarranted.

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