chick's leg turned out at the 'hock"


9 Years
Feb 1, 2010
I have a SCM chick from MPC that has always had "issues" with it's left leg. It went from not being able to walk at all (I gave it PolyViSol), to being able to get around somewhat. I thought it was neurological, or that maybe it's foot hurt...well, closer examination this morning revealed that the entire leg is now turned out from the "hock" down, and the hock is very swollen (but hard - not squishy). The chick is able to hobble around, but spends most of it's time just sprawled out. Otherwise, it seems okay. Obviously, whatever was wrong has now healed the wrong way (or has been growing incorrectly this entire time), and the chick is never going to have a normal leg. It does not seem to be in pain - it doesn't bother the chick when I manipulate its leg.

Can it live life like this? Am I going to ahve to baby it, along with my cross-beaked chick? Or should I cull it?


Brooder Boss
10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
I would say if it can get around ok them let it be , if you do have to give it special attention then the choice to cull or not is entirely yours to make.. I am a single dad of two boys so sadly if I have a special needs bird it is most of the time culled... Good luck with whatever you decide to do../.

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