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    Mar 21, 2012
    Essen and Lily are almost 3 weeks old and are having a blast trying out their wings. They run/fly around the room in a cartoon fashion and are so fast that it's as if they are warping from one spot to the next. They know their names and will respond to simple 'commands' of which is "Up! Up!" Lily loves that one because it means she gets to flap/run her way up from my lap and onto my shoulder to pick and play with my hair. Essen has discovered she can flap from their box to my arm if I am sitting at my desk, then proceeds to run all over my keyboard wreaking havoc on my emails. Lily ALMOST can make it that far. And if I leave the room they start crying until I open the door and reassure them they are okay. Today they were particularly noisy, and I just couldn't keep going up and down our stairs to make sure they were okay so I put my headphones on the top of their box and turned on some Steven Halpern tonal alchemy, meditation, and subliminal music. Not only did they quiet down, but they cuddled up together talking softly to each other. Same reaction I get when I listen to it LOL! I told my SO that I now am the proud mommy of New Egger Chickens. My daughter gave me 'the look' and shook her head sadly at me as only 13 year old girls can.

    Definitely gonna need a bigger box and soon!
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    Oct 24, 2009
    Can you show us some pics of them?

    My Japanese Bantam chicks are a week old today and already trying out their little wings. I let them out in my garden for a scratch about in the dirt and they will start jumping up and down, fluttering their tiny wings and jumping on each other! Its so funny and cute so see ....... they look like little jumping beans.

    Its crazy how quickly they grow also isn't it? [​IMG]
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