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    Mar 26, 2007
    I have hatched a batch of chicks from our flock. They are basically mixed breed however, some will be purebred Marans and purebred Speckled Sussex, as I have both hens/roosters of those breeds.

    My standard roos include: Marans, Speckled Sussex, Barred Frizzle Cochins

    Bantam roos include: Mille Fleurs, Black Cochin, Partridge, Golden Sebright.

    Hens include: Marans, Speckled Sussex, Isa Brown, RIR, SLW, Cochins(black, white, blue, self blue, buff. Most of the cochins are frizzles) Silkies(partridge, blue, blue splash, Polish(white and silver laced), Black Australorpe, Buff Brahma, Ameraucana, Mille Fleurs. Some of these girls are bantams.
    So the chicks are mixes of all of these breeds. They were hatched on April 2nd.

    Most of these babies have turned out to be black or barred because 4 out of the 5 standard roos are black or barred. Some are standard, some are bantams. Some are frizzled. For the most part, I cannot tell one chick from the other. I can venture a guess based on their color and characteristics. These are straight run and I have 24 to sell. They are all healthy and beautiful. They are $2.00 each. The kids will use the money toward their 4-H fair entries this year.

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