CHICKS! More on the way!!! ~Polk County!


Dec 30, 2019
Polk City, FL
My Coop
My Coop
Hey BYC! I have some adorable little chicks that are looking to find new homes! I currently have 6 chicks available with 19 more on the way! Breeds are blue/black sex links (EExBR) and muffed EE (could lay blue, green or pink). They are all $4 each OR $3 each IF you take all the chicks I have at the time (never any more than 20).

They are all super sweet already and are always started on feed before they leave to make sure everybody eats/drinks properly and walks properly. :)

If you are buying chicks from me you MUST have a proper brooder setup! You need a heat lamp, chick starter, water and bedding material! Please have this stuff BEFORE buying chicks from me! These chicks are usually a couple days old so they are very fragile. I just want my babies to be safe! <3

If you're interested please comment here or PM me! Thanks :)

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