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    hello, I have a question on getting the bedding ready in my coop for when I transfer the chicks from the brooder to the coop. is it safe to add DE in the bedding ( pine shavings ) for the young chicks? and how much should I sprinkle around, this is all new to me. I have the nesting boxes closed off so the chicks will not roost in them. also I plan on putting in the bedding some fresh rosemary and lavender. I look forward to your suggestions and comments.

    thank you
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    I think the herbs is a good idea. It doesn't matter how much DE you add. Just don't overdo it.
    Don't overthink this. People have been raising chickens on pine shavings a long time without any of those accoutrements.
    The main thing is stocking density.
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    thanks for you reply, I just want to make sure they don't get mites and lice,
  4. Not to start a DE debate, but DE is not safe to use with Chickens....
    I would never use it....I use Dusting powder along all edges of my coop and put bedding over the powder....Once a month I dust the roost....I use sand in my Coop and Run....Less cost and easier to clean...

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    thank you.... do you use the dust in your dust bath also. how thick of sand do you put down in your coop,
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    what do you mean by ( stocking density )

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